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11 класс

Nowadays money matters are becoming more and more crucial. Money is needed not only by adults but also teenagers. The growing number of parents are worried about this problem. Some people think that school students should be given pocket money, whereas others are convinced that they can do well without it.

The supporters of the first point of view are sure that their children should definitely get some amount of money on a regular basis.

First of all, teenagers need money to cover travel expenses. For example, they have to pay for a bus or metro ticket, especially when the way home is too long to walk. In this case children can undoubtedly get home faster and stay safe.

Secondly, students should have some allowance to spend on additional food when they stay at extra classes. This is obviously more useful for their health and parents do not have to be anxious about anything.

What is more, pocket money is necessary to have some entertainment with classmates. For instance, they might want to go to a cinema, café or bowling centre. Children should enjoy their life with friends and not feel somehow handicapped.

On the other hand, a lot of parents strongly oppose the question of giving pocket money to their children.

To begin with, they think that at this age kids are eager to show off trying to compare who is better. Having some allowance can just spoil them and develop arrogance. They will not be able to learn how to respect each other if they look only at expensive clothes or glittering bags.

Besides, teenagers are not able to spend money rationally. They may get negative influence from adults and waste their money on harmful things, like cigarettes or alcohol. Lack of money will prevent them from losing their minds.

In addition, children who never get spare money have the ability to see how difficult it is for their parents to earn it. These students grow up more conscientious and willing to work, so that afterwards they could allow themselves everything they wish to buy.

As for me, I agree with parents who allow their children to have some pocket money because this way they can be safer and more confident in different situations.

Taking all these points into consideration, I strongly believe that having allowance is very important for teenagers but the amount of money given must be rational, so that you develop responsibility in your children but not carelessness. The leading role belongs only to parents, who ought to educate their kids properly in dealing with every single issue.



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